Post-Arrest Support

If you were recently arrested in connection with the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd protests (and you're now out of jail) please fill out this form so that we can provide ongoing support for you.

EmailPhoneSocial Media/Other

UnknownFulton County Jail (Rice St)Atlanta City Detention Center (APDC)Other

FelonyMisdemeanorCity OrdinanceUnknown

Curfew ViolationDisorderly ConductObstructionPedestrian in Roadway / Blocking TrafficRiot / Inciting to RiotProperty DestructionOther

Citation Number (If you were given a yellow Arrest Citation, this is the printed number on the upper right of the paper)

Did you experience any bad treatment or injuries during your arrest, for example violence when you were arrested, abuse in jail, etc? If so, please describe.

Did you, your friends or family have to pay any money to get you released? For example: bonding costs, fines, or other fees.

Arrest Evidence
I know of other witnesses of my arrestI have video or other evidence of my arrest

Were you arrested along with anyone else? If you know their names, please add them here:

Do you know of anyone else who was arrested in connection with the protests?

Please fill out the Jail Support Form for them. (But finish submitting this one first)

Other Information
Is there anything else we should know?

Please include a clear photo of your arrest citation (usually a yellow slip of paper)

If you check this box, we'll try to find you a free lawyer (recommended)
I would like assistance finding legal representation