Jail Support Form

If you know of someone who was arrested or is currently in jail and needs bail or other support, fill this form out. (Please fill out a new form for each person).
The more information you can provide the better, but it's fine to leave things blank if you're unsure or don't want to disclose the information.

UnknownFulton County Jail (Rice St)Atlanta City Detention Center (APDC)Other

Medical Concerns
This person was badly injured when they were arrestedThis person needs medication in jailThis person is a high-risk for COVID-19This person has other medical/health concerns

Legal Concerns
This person may have warrants or other pending chargesThis person is on probation / paroleThis person may have immigration issuesThis person has other legal concerns

Other Concerns
Any other potential concerns that could impact them in jail (e.g. race, gender identity, language, at-risk for violence, etc)

Arrest Evidence
I witnessed this arrestI know of other witnesses of the arrestI have video or other evidence of the arrest

Other Contacts
Any other people we can get in contact with about this arrested person, for example friends or family. Please provide, name, relationship to the arrested person, and contact information.

Other Information
Is there anything else we should know?